Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Satisfaction
    Any volunteer job instills a sense of "giving back." However, overseas volunteering can be truly meaningful in this area. People in foreign cultures understand that you might be giving up numerous creature comforts to help them out. Because of this, the act of giving is even more poignant, deep and thorough. According to Going Global, "Be prepared to spend lots of time in close contact with a group of people who are there to work toward a common goal."
  2. Language
    Overseas volunteers may not only learn a new language during their stay, they may also come to appreciate their native tongue all the more. Total immersion in the culture will require at least a conversational grasp of the language. Often, English speakers are called upon to teach English as a second language, which requires relearning oft-forgotten rules of grammar and usage. This repeat education can lead to better English skills in the long run.
  3. Expanded Palate
    Americans are usually accustomed to a regular selection of food that is standardized, inspected and regulated. That goes out the window in many foreign countries, where volunteers may taste fruits, plants and meats they've never experienced before. Some foods are a treat, served up fresher than most Americans will ever taste. Others may be awkward or frightening, like insects or rotted substances. The new menu can often yield new favorites, better ways of cooking and an expanded appreciation of cuisine in its most simple forms.
  4. Professional Benefits
    Going to a foreign country for a volunteer experience is a huge boost on a resume. Employers love to see a person that can think outside the box and work past their comfort zone. The added benefits of teamwork, foreign language knowledge, and plain old hard work also add polish to the volunteer candidate. Since business now happens on a global scale, the volunteer is armed with useful, and potentially actionable, information.
  5. Self esteem
    International volunteering can help you become more confident, more reliable and more responsible. This experience can make you do things you never expect that you could have done – ever! Your self-esteem, the way you talk or handle people/animals will change because of all the experiences, emotions and hard work that you have felt in this journey. When you came back after volunteering you will the feel that you are changed person without you even realizing it – and mostly you change for the better.