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Mission Statement

"empowering education and Socio-economic growth of deprived children in Africa". 

Signing up as ACN "partner to make a difference" Donor is a step of commitment to ensuring that every child in Africa has access to Quality education and the right to live free from exploitation and abuse. It's a timely funding that will enable ACN deliver on it's mission of child education and protection in the African communities.  

Vision Statement

"The right to education and Freedom for all children in Africa"

Take a quick glance at what your monthly Gift can Do:

How ACN's expenses are allocated

$19 = One child's tuition fee per semester (3 Months
$35 = One child's tuition fee+Feeding (3 months)  
$49 = a child's tuition fee+feeding+back pack (3 months)
$57 = a child's tuition fee (1 year)


Project Activities

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Support Services and Fundraising

Monthly Gift Package

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AFRICA COMPASSION NETWORK (ACN) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity.
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